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2016-04-26 – Bad news


It’s always a stunner when you hear the bad news of someone having sudden health issues; worse when it’s someone who always seemed in good shape whose diet wasn’t… well, not the best, but not terrible either.

Sunrise Stats!
First light: 5:36 AM
Sunrise: 6:08 AM
Daylight: 15 hrs, 4 min

My buddy Ivan had a severe heart attack last Sunday.  He’d been out with us to see Ted’s band on Saturday night, ordered a burger and fries but didn’t finish it – which is incredibly unusual for someone with a farming background.  He mentioned he was having heartburn, but nothing else.

Found out that on Sunday he was out for a walk and experienced some severe chest pain, enough to make him pause and wait until it subsided.  He went into the doctor and they whisked him down to Mayo hospital in Rochester.  Don’t have a lot of details as yet, but I was wondering yesterday why I didn’t see his light on in the window when I drove past the farmhouse yesterday morning.

_MG_8838I figured he was back on overtime, and leaving earlier than I am right now.  It’s not outside the realm of possibility.  But got a text from Ted at work last night saying to call him, and discovered the light wasn’t on because Ivan wasn’t there.

Ted says he’s definitely going to have surgery, though it hasn’t been scheduled yet.  I’m wondering (hoping he didn’t) if he pulled a Jerry and drove himself in to the hospital.

I need to talk to Jerry, then get in touch with Ivan’s sister Trudy.  If they don’t have anyone who’s going to stay at the house with Ivan for the first week or three after the surgery, Jerry and I should offer the spare room at our place.  We’ve been through heart surgery recovery before; I reckon we can be helpful without being obtrusive, and with both of us on opposite shifts, there wouldn’t be much time during the day where he’d be on his own.

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