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2016-04-25 – Musings


So, what to write about?  What topic is, you know, topical?  What thoughts are relevant?

Sunrise Stats!
First light: 5:38 AM
Sunrise: 6:09 AM
Daylight: 15 hrs, 1 min

Been thinking I should write more about the photos themselves – why I chose a particular flower, why I decided on a specific composition, and here are the settings.  It is supposed to be a photography blog, after all.  Was also considering just posting the edited photos daily, and then on days when I actually have something to say, adding text.  That seems like a bit of a cop-out, though.  I’ve also been thinking I should go back through my photos and rebuild all my panoramics to reflect my current chosen alignment points.  Won’t help to stabilize the horizon in the pictures from the first couple of weeks where I was only taking two photos per panoramic, but might for later days.

_MG_8809It was a bit dismal this morning, with clammy air; Bobbie was probably the more sensible of the pair of us – she took one look at this morning, and decided to go back to bed!  Since I am absolutely not sensible, I was trudging upwards at the usual time.  With the poncho on, which increased the local humidity.  Plastic really doesn’t breathe that well.  But there were some breaks in the clouds, so maybe a bit of color, and as I was walking up there were hints of fog – which, as faithful readers of the blog know, I adore.

It’s amazing to me how fast I can walk the hills these days.  Used to be they took ten minutes each, now I just zip up them like they’re barely there in a minute or four.  Don’t even need a breather… which kind of makes me wonder just how bad a shape I was in back when I started!

_MG_8823Fretting a bit about when Ted needs the Freestyle back during the week.  It’s inevitable; can’t keep borrowing it forever, however willing he is to help out.  Jerry’s only scheduled for three weeks at Gemini, and at that point Express has promised he’ll be on nights; no conflict then, I can have the pickup in the morning, and carpool to work with Lance in the afternoons.  But it might just be time to find an old beater for cheap as a second vehicle.  I’ll have to ask Jerry to get in touch with his peeps at the Ford dealership in Kenyon and see what they have.

So sunrise was at 6:09 this morning, but the shots I got that went into the panoramic were kind of blah.  A difference in five minutes, and check out the dramatic potential shift!

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