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2016-04-23 – Wearing out


Bloom and seed pod on the same plant!

It’s not bright to start reading a book that’s hard to put down when you have to get to sleep.  It’s even less bright to be driving and then walking while half-asleep.  And I’m starting to wonder if less sleep makes you more physically tired – or at the very least, accentuates physical fatigue.

Sunrise Stats!
First light: 5:41 AM
Sunrise: 6:12 AM
Daylight: 14 hrs, 55 min

But.  Given a good eight to ten hours of solid rest, and the human body refreshes and regenerates, arising with energy and enthusiasm enough to take on the day.  Not so for worn-out electrical components.

For the past few days, I’ve been having trouble with the camera.  I’d grab the cable release and press the button halfway – which is supposed to be the focus position.  (My lens has a feature where it ‘goes to sleep;’ it marks where it was positioned, then relaxes the mechanisms after a minute or so of no activity to prevent wear and tear.  Then when the shutter button is activated again, restores the image as it was set.  Well, the cable release trigger is supposed to do that as well.)  But instead of restoring the image or refocusing the lens, the shutter snaps – leaving me with a picture that is far less than ideal.

_MG_8764Did a bit of troubleshooting today; the camera and lens function perfectly when the cable release isn’t attached.  So the problem is isolated to that one component.  And it might be specifically the wires running through the cable, rather than the shutter mechanism of the hand-button.  I wouldn’t have predicted it would be wearing out this soon, though; seems like I only just got it!

But I’ve had it for nearly two years now.  It’s been out and running all night several times when I’ve been snapping shots of the stars, hoping for meteors or the Northern Lights; it’s been solid through humid summers taking pictures of the fireflies, subjected to extremes of temperature when taking pictures of the sunrises… and it wasn’t the expensive sort to begin with.

Time to schedule a run to National Camera!

Panoramic 114

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