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2016-04-10 – Warm weather ahead!


About twenty degrees warmer today than yesterday!  No face mask this morning.  And looking ahead on the forecast, it’s supposed to be in the seventies for the next week.  That means during the morning walk, the temperature will be in the fifties – I could almost ride the motorcycle in!  Warm weather, lovely stuff!

Sunrise Stats!
First light: 6:04 AM
Sunrise: 6:34 AM
Daylight: 14 hrs, 15 min

Learned to ride two years ago; I have a Suzuki Boulevard S40.  (For years, I’d kind of wanted to learn.  But the world of the two-wheeled vehicle that goes so mind-bogglingly fast, exposing you to the world and severe injury, was an intimidating one.  It’s not precisely riding a bike!  But occasionally you have to take your courage, grip it in both hands with white knuckles if you must, and just make the leap.)  Now, last year I was so impatient to be out on the S40 that I rode on the first reasonably-warm day – Saint Patrick’s Day, if you’re curious.  And let me tell you, fifty degrees ambient temperature at sixty miles per hour is freezing.  Particularly on hands which are protected only by the reinforced leather of summer-weight riding gloves.  I am going to want nice fleece- or fur-lined cold-weather ones if ever I decide to ride below fifty-five degrees Fahrenheit ever again.

_MG_8305Riding the motorcycle carrying camera gear presents its own challenges, too.  For example, the tripod.  Without saddlebags or a backrest on the S40, the only way to take it along is to strap it somehow to the backpack which is my camera bag.  And it would have to be secure, not slide to one side or the other or somehow undo itself during the trip in.  So not really prepared for that yet – but I will be!  And none too soon, considering the Explorer blew another brake line directly after Ted and Jerry replaced the first.  With Jerry back in the workaday world, I’m going to need a reliable vehicle.

_MG_8286Kind of a gloomy day today, if you’re looking at the colors and not the cloud patterns.  And on watch for the eagles!  This morning, there was a subadult that soared across the Bluff, just below the point of the overlook, and looked to have landed on the hillside just out of sight!  I was so tempted to move to the edge of the ridge and peek over, just to see.  But I’ve not got too good of a head for heights if at any time I think about falling.

But the clouds were mostly the star today; streamery and thin, suggesting a blustery day and yet leading the eye onward into the distance!

Panoramic 101

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