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2016-04-03 – A name, a name, what’s in a name?


Tired and mentally dull today.  Not really sure what to talk about.  The last couple of days it feels like I’ve exhausted all the possibilities… which could be a topic all on its own.

Sunrise Stats!
First light: 6:17 AM
Sunrise: 6:47 AM
Daylight: 13 hrs, 52 min

Or maybe not.  I was considering moving to a blog post a week, since my time is now rather solidly taken up by a regular-world work schedule… but that feels like a cop-out.  Plus, how would I keep all the panoramics and other pictures separated from one another?

Doing some thinking about the T-shirt store.  Photos of “Views from the Bluff” I have in spades, but the store will need a name.  Ellemar Enterprises Photography seems lame, but calling it the Midwestern Wanderer or Midwestern Wandering Photographer are both pretty specific to travel and photography.  What if good ideas occur for captioned T-shirts, like math or philosophy jokes?

_MG_8082On the other hand, there’s nothing that says I can’t have more than one T-shirt store.  Could do one for my writing, one for photography, one for the publishing company… and then there’s no worry about cross-branding; everything will be clear.

I need a brand, before I have a name.  What is my brand?  What encompasses everything I do, yet relates to each?

The details nobody tells you about developing a business and online presence!

So what am I?  What do I do, more than anything?

_MG_8080Tell stories, that’s what.  Hmm… there’s a notion.  The Storyteller.  The Wandering Storyteller.  The Traveling Talespinner.

Needs more thought.

Today was a fine morning.  There were a trio of eagles escorting me to the overlook – wasn’t able to capture the sight any time I tried.  Seems as though the best way to take pictures of soaring birds is to set the camera up with the settings you want – remembering that the closer you zoom in, the higher your shutter speed needs to be, to compensate for the magnified movement of the lens (nobody can hold their camera completely still when zoomed in and freehanding) – and then aim the camera for where you anticipate the birds will be, rather than following them around the skies with the camera.

Panoramic 094

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