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2016-03-31 – Long haul, still worth it?

Good morning, Red Wing

Good morning, Red Wing!

Second day in a row only getting about two hours’ sleep before leaving for the Bluff.  Sure, it’s a nap.  And sure, I can go back to bed before heading in to work.  But fatigued driving is just as – if not more so – dangerous as drunk driving.  And how can two hours of sleep help but be fatigued driving, after working a full shift and being up far later than a person is used to?

Sunrise Stats!
First light: 6:23 AM
Sunrise: 6:53 AM
Daylight: 13 hrs, 43 min

On the other hand, getting up at one or so in the afternoon, working from 3:00 to 11:30, then getting a two hour nap between midnight and five-thirtyish, does that really count as fatigued driving?

Anyway.  Yesterday marked day number 90 of the dawn photo project!  Who’d a thunk it?

Another kind of rainy day; poncho on me walking up, and raincoat on the camera on the overlook.  Funny thing about that poncho – the rest of me was warmer, almost steamy-sauna-like warmth; but my elbows were cold.  And it brought up some odd thoughts.

_MG_8006First, the idea that when you’re prepared for something, it doesn’t happen; yet when you’re unprepared, even in the slightest, you’re all but guaranteed to encounter the situation you’re not prepared for.

The second thought was that the only way I really like rain is from inside the house, under a warm blanket, hearing it drumming on the roof and smelling the scent of clean damp earth through a cracked window.  On the other hand, to say that a morning is a gorgeous one in spite of drizzle is really a misrepresentation, since the light rain is an enhancement, not a detraction.  The rain pattering on the leaves, dripping onto the ground, strengthening the smells of damp earth and green growth, is part of what makes a morning soft, quiet, unique.  Enjoyable.  A valuable counterbalance to the investment of time, effort, the fighting past difficulty and the early hour.

Mornings like this, you can stand in complete solitude, listening to the rain crinkle the plastic of a cheap poncho amid scattered birdsong, breathing in the scent of rain and fresh-washed ground, and just… let go.  For just those few moments, there are no thoughts of work, no focus on everything that’s gone wrong in the past few days/weeks/months, no stress.  You simply are, a part of the earth and sky and the dance of the stars that have faded into the light of day, connected to the coming spring, the burgeoning life all around you, centered on an internal point of absolute balance…

Yeah.  This project is totally still worth it.

Panoramic 091

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