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2016-03-29 – Daily panoramic


What to talk about, what to talk about…

Sunrise Stats!
First light: 6:27 AM
Sunrise: 6:56 AM
Daylight: 13 hrs, 36 min

Spectacularly colorful sunrises, grey sunrises, fiery sunrises.  This morning’s had some lovely color – blues and pinks and pale purples – plus the lovely clear appearance of the sun himself.  Seeing the moon and stars driving in is generally a hopeful sign for seeing that blazing ball of life-giving light, but doesn’t always follow through.  Did this morning!

_MG_7978Creating the daily panoramic photo has been a learning experience.  For one, you need more than two photos to carry it off properly!  For another, it’s really-really hard to make every photo the same size with the old NSP plant in the exact same spot so that the horizon doesn’t change but the weather and the sun do.  And for a third, the software defaults to the first photo in the lineup – the one with the lowest image number – to begin and anchor the image.  So today was the first day in which the sun was not in the first frame.  That’s right, the sun has moved an entire 18-mm frame since January the first!

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But back to the panoramic.  I suppose you’ve figured out by now that I absolutely adore the starburst effect around the sun that you only get when you turn the aperture down to increase detail.  Of course, you need a certain amount of interference in the air, like dust or vapor or clouds, something more than just clear sky, for the sunbeams to reflect off of.  To get that effect in the panoramic, the photo with the pretty sunbeams has to be the anchoring center of the panoramic.  If it doesn’t, you have to rearrange the photos you choose to influence the software.

This one turned out pretty well!  Except for the tilted horizon.  I should probably check the tripod again… make sure it hasn’t gone cattywampus on me again.

Panoramic 088

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