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2016-03-25 – Chilly color, new friends and new stories


A chill morning at twenty-one degrees, but still a beautiful one, with mostly clear skies.  Walking up the path I was anticipating some color this morning.  (It’s a winter truth that the clearest skies are also the coldest; it also seems correlative that the most vivid colors come when the air is icy.)  Was debating wearing the Carhartts – usually use them when the thermometer is twenty-four degrees and below – but between the increased restriction of movement and the lack of a breeze, probably would have been overdressed.

Sunrise Stats!
First light: 6:34 AM
Sunrise: 7:04 AM
Daylight: 13 hrs, 24 min

The moon today was past full and past its nightly zenith, but still bright and mostly round. (Wouldn’t it just be a kick if I could capture a nearly-new moon in the same photo as the rising sun?  Going to have to put that on the list of shots to capture.)

The breeze started picking up as the time crawled on toward dawn; always shown clearly by the plumes from the old NSP plant.  Wish there were a way to request they turn it off from, oh, about twenty minutes before sunrise to about ten minutes after.  Just a half hour… there are sooooooo many shots even in these first two and a half-plus months that could have been vastly improved by a lack of visual interference.  Sigh.

_MG_7868So despite thinking I was going to be late, ended up being about twenty minutes early for sunrise.  Not quite sure how that could have happened – maybe I’m walking that much faster, or maybe I miscalculated, but whatever the reason the camera was set up and ready well before time – and that’s always a good feeling!

Well, a pair of young ladies came walking up the path from behind.  They didn’t look very well dressed for the conditions – wearing thin clothes that looked a lot like pajamas, and wrapped themselves up in a large, billowy but thin, pink blanket that was cute and fairly large, but didn’t look like much for keeping in warmth.

Jenny and Mary.  Two of the most enthusiastic individuals I’ve ever met at that hour of the morning, it was a pleasure just to listen to them interact.  When the first sliver of sun appeared above the horizon, setting the plumes from the NSP plant afire with orange glow, they squealed and cheered.  Mary said that she had never before actually seen the sun rise.

_MG_7870All three of us agreed that there’s something magical about actually watching the sun move from night to dawn to day, growing and shining inch by inch above the horizon, and that everyone should take the time to experience it at least once in their lifetime.

New friends, new stories – gotta love it!  Jenny’s studying to be a dietitian and doing a rotation at Red Wing Mayo, but wanted to get up to see at least one sunrise while she was in town (she’s from the cities); Mary is a college friend of hers who lives in Red Wing.  As the sun was rising, Jenny turned to Mary and said, “Now you hated me when I got you up to walk up here with me; aren’t you glad I did?”

Hoping to run into them again some other day this year.

Panoramic 085

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