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2016-03-21 – Everything is relative

Pretty pink pointing the way to the sun!

Pretty pink pointing the way to the sun!

It’s a bit of a strange thing, transitioning from one state to another.

Sunrise Stats!
First light: 6:42 AM
Sunrise: 7:11 AM
Daylight: 13 hrs, 11 min

Like moving from fall to winter and then winter to spring.  In the fall – and I’m fairly sure I’m going to be mentioning this again in about six months! – having just come out from a (hopefully) warm and sunny summer, forty degrees Fahrenheit feels unbearable without coat and hat and mittens and boots and maybe even longjohns.  Folks shudder at how cold it’s gotten, and commiserate among their circle of friends about how much colder the weather is going to get.

Oh, but in the spring, forty degrees is a heat wave.  It’s ABOVE FREEZING!  Oh my word, shed the outer layers and dig out the sunscreen from the medicine cabinet!

Prairie crocus enjoying the sun!

Prairie crocus enjoying the sun!

So it goes with regaining a fit(ter) and health(ier) body.  The two hills of Barn Bluff used to take a full eight to ten minutes each to climb and left me gasping for air, heart thudding between my ears loud enough to drown out any other sound.  These days the first major hill takes four, maybe four and a half minutes; and the second, the shortcut, takes two or less.  And on neither one do I have to stop for a breather anymore.

The thing is, the development of healthy lungs and heart, fit and ready muscles, happens so gradually over time that from inside the process you don’t notice it at all… until one day you suddenly realize how much swifter you are, how short a time you take to recover after exertion.

Of course, then you have to avoid injuring your shoulder through patting yourself on the back.  But it’s all good!  Because all things being relative, probably there’s still a ways to go in the quest for fitness.

And even if there isn’t, the concept applies to far more – relatively speaking.

Panoramic 081

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