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2016-03-16 – An idea for supporting the photography habit


Some nice patterns in the clouds today.  Didn’t see any color or glimpses of the sun, but it was still a fine morning.  I did manage to catch a shot or two of the eagles soaring.  It’s kind of a shame that there aren’t blue skies for them to fly in – the color contrast would really set them off nicely – but they are always a sight to pause and enjoy, even without the camera.

Sunrise Stats!
First light: 6:51 AM
Sunrise: 7:20 AM
Daylight: 12 hrs, 55 min

And I wasn’t alone this morning – I met Bobbie on the path heading back, plus there was a younger couple and their dog enjoying the point down below the part of the overlook where I set up.  They caused some confusion on both our parts, in fact; there were no other cars parked when I pulled up, yet this pair reached the eastern overlook before me.  Heading back, Bobbie and I paused so I could take a picture of a stick covered with orangey-red fungus, and the couple passed us up.  We saw them again walking out past the flagpole as we took the long trail down – which meant we were ahead of them again.

_MG_7546We saw no one else, yet back at the parking area were two vehicles other than Blue.  Soooo… if they got there before us (as evidenced by the fact they reached the overlook first), who belonged to the other two vehicles?

Had a thought about supporting the photography habit.  It’s an easy enough thing to design text and graphic onto a T-shirt, and there are a few different services like Teespring and Teepublic where you can upload your own designs, designate what color of shirt your design can be printed on, and then let folks know they’re available.  You don’t have to carry stock because both of those are print on demand – just offer a link to direct people to your stuff.  You don’t get the full amount of the proceeds, of course, but frankly, it’s worth that minor price to not have to worry about printing, shipping, customer complaints about quality…

_MG_7552So the idea!  I’m not much good at coming up with funny or pithy sayings, but that’s not all that can be printed onto a T-shirt.  So I’m designing a series called “Views from the Bluff” where I take some of the most remarkable photographs I’ve taken so far up here and design T-shirts around them!  Colors in the sky and flowers and fog, why not?  And there’s even a possibility of selling them in shops through the Red Wing Chamber of Commerce as a local artist.

I’m telling you, anyone can be an entrepreneur; most of what you need is imagination, dedication, a little bit of boldness, and an open mind.

Panoramic 076

Oops.  Forgot to post the 75-day video yesterday!  Can you believe it?  75 days of sunrises without a miss!  Let’s see… 75 is 20.4% of 366, so I’m almost a quarter done.  An utterly stunning concept.

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