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2016-03-12 – Post processing a vision


Anticipating decent weather of a reasonable temperature is starting to become routine.  Gotta love spring!  It’s nice to not have to worry so much about winter weather and dressing properly for it.  The sunrises aren’t getting any duller, though!

Sunrise Stats!
First light: 5:59 AM
Sunrise: 6:28 AM
Daylight: 12 hrs, 43 min

Last year during the first attempt at this project, it was a point of speculation, because it seemed that the most vivid colors matched up with the coldest days.  Never made a systematic study of it, though.  Maybe this year!  And maybe the next – I’ll be on second shift for the next two years, so if I want to study colorful skies and correlate the temperature and atmospheric conditions, it’ll have to be in the morning.

You might have heard me mention Kristen Joy the Book Ninja; from her I’ve learned about creating and publishing low-content books.  Tony Laidig, an expert in the public domain, is a colleague of hers; graphic designer, photographer, entrepreneur, toy enthusiast.  He’s doing a daily photography series himself, called “The Secret Life of Trees.”  He goes out and takes pictures of trees at some point during the day, then chooses one to share.  (Some of those photographs are absolutely amazing.  The album is a public one; if you’re interested, check him out on Facebook – you will not regret it!)

_MG_7452T’any rate, Kristen holds a weekly webinar where she teaches on a subject related to being an ‘authorpreneur,’ and she mentioned that Tony might spend two or three hours post-processing his photos before they match the vision that he sees in his head when he takes the picture.

My post processing is a lot more basic.  What I envision is reproducing what my eye sees, but enhanced in color – not to the point of unbelievability, just to the point of wonder and hopefully enchantment – and arranged in such a way that the eye is attracted, drawn in without the viwer quite knowing why or how.  And I got to thinking that the way a photographer does their post processing is just as indicative of the kind of photographer they are as their choice of subject.

Panoramic 072-2

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