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2016-02-22 – Admiring reflections


A thoroughly cloudy day greeted my gaze as the pickup left the garage this morning.  Kind of a pity – the moon is full today, and the planets we can see are still mostly aligned diagonally across the sky.

Sunrise Stats!
First light: 6:31 AM
Sunrise: 7:01 AM
Daylight: 11 hrs, 46 min

But, oh, the reflections in the river!  Despite the flow of the current, the water looked perfectly still from the top of the Bluff.

I love admiring reflections.  From the top of the Bluff two stretches of the river can be seen, and the trees and clouds above are doubled below, along with any color and texture that the clouds happen to display.  This morning’s almost distracted me from catching the horizon at the calculated – though unseen – time of the sunrise.

_MG_6542One of the images on my photography wish list (you know – the visions you have in mind to capture, but haven’t yet) is the Northern Lights above a still pool of water.  Colors above and colors below, perfectly matched in mirror.  Since the Aurora doesn’t occur down here very often, the odds are even longer that they’ll happen on a night where any lake would be so perfectly glass-still.

Of course, that just means I need to watch the Aurora predictions and plan to camp out near a lake any time the lights are possible.

(Either that, or move to Alaska for six months and get out every night with the camera!)

Panoramic 053

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