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2016-02-21 – Searching for a song

7:03:27 AM 1/6 seconds at f/22 on ISO 100

7:03:27 AM
1/6 seconds at f/22 on ISO 100

A little cooler today – I’ve gotten into the habit of checking my weather app before getting dressed to leave; that’s how I decide how many layers to wear.  It’s getting to be that time of year where one day might be shirtsleeve weather and on the next you’re back to arctic gear.  So today it’s back on with the Carhartts – even though I was a bit overdressed on the lower trail, I was grateful for them when up top.

Sunrise Stats!
First light: 6:33 AM
Sunrise: 7:03 AM
Daylight: 11 hrs, 43 min

Ever appreciated a sunrise that was remarkably pretty, but in an understated way?  That was absolutely today.  Pale pinks and purples, with a sky transitioning from the pale winter blue to the warmer, richer color that heralds spring.

There’s a bird that’s been singing from near the eastern overlook the past few days, a two-tone call that almost sounds like “oh-Ca-na-da” but isn’t quite right for the white-throated sparrow.  I’ve tried locating him before, following the bird song, and never glimpsed so much as a feather; today he actually showed himself.  Turns out he’s a black-capped chickadee, even though they normally sing their song high note first, then dropping a fifth for the second note.  Kind of makes a person wonder if he’s encountered a white-throated sparrow and learned to mimic the song.


Also makes me wonder if he can possibly find a mate, if he doesn’t sing quite right for his species.  Do they mimic?  I’ve read they can mimic the hissing of a snake – which apparently even people find unnervingly realistic – but nothing on whether or not they can learn other birds’ calls.

Panoramic 052

2 thoughts on “2016-02-21 – Searching for a song

    1. Ellemar Post author

      Birdwatching is a lot of fun! They have different cries for different situations – mating call, danger call, warning a lower-ranking bird away. Oh, hey – I learned when researching that the more ‘dees’ the chickadee adds, the more alarmed they are about something!

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