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2016-02-18 – Ice and snow

Panoramic 049

Fierce winds from the west-southwest were counteracting the warmer temperatures this morning (a whopping 26 degrees, with predictions of the high forties, maybe low fifties, by the weekend!).  And they were somewhat variable in direction, so bracing the tripod with one leg leaning into the direction the breeze was coming from didn’t really help to stabilize the tripod.  So if the pictures turn out a little blurry, sincere apologies!  I had a hand on the tripod the entire time (just in case), and that can have an effect.

Sunrise Stats!
First light: 6:38 AM
Sunrise: 7:07 AM
Daylight: 11 hrs, 34 min

Really have to get working on those sandbags for the legs.

The sunrise wasn’t much of one today, though the walk up had its entertaining moments (was it really only yesterday that the sun shone?).  No Bobbie this morning, but Jerry rode in with me; we’re heading over to the dealership he used to work for to act as drivers, getting cars back from auction.  The winds were of course blowing snow across the roadway, so slowing down and being aware of ice was definitely a good thing!

And speaking of ice…

_MG_6383Yesterday’s trip to the ice formations was absolutely fantastic.  It’s a great place down on the Rush River in Wisconsin, about fifteen minutes or so from Bay City.  “Nelson’s on the Rush River” – it’s got a great story that I absolutely have to write up for my travel site.

This is what a polarizing filter can do for a photograph under the right conditions!  Pay close attention to the patches of blue sky, the detail in the ice sculptures, and the patterns in the clouds – none of that was actually noticeable to the naked eye except for the folds and rills in the ice; the sky looked a uniform grey with maybe some minor texture here or there.

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