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2016-02-15 – Time as a pendulum


About a half-inch of new snow overnight.  Shane (he’s Bobbie’s hubby) was saying that his Dad had left for home about four in the morning yesterday because he was fretting about the ‘Snowmageddon’ we were supposed to get yesterday.  And yes, that particular concept means something a little different here in southern Minnesota than it does in, say, North Carolina or Georgia.  Or even in Maryland… although they usually get ice with their storms, and that is something that nobody wants to mess with.

Sunrise Stats!
First light: 6:42 AM
Sunrise: 7:12 AM
Daylight: 11 hrs, 26 min

I hadn’t heard a thing about it until Shane mentioned it, to tell the truth.  The WeatherUnderground app gives the current conditions – temperature, weather, wind speed and direction – at the top, but to see the 10-day forecast you have to scroll down a bit, and who pays attention to those?  Besides, while it says when snow is likely to fall, it doesn’t say how much we’re likely to get.

_MG_6269It’s a funny thought – day by day, the daylight lengthens and the sunrise is earlier.  Soon it’ll be peeking over the horizon at six-thirty… and shortly after that, it’ll be coming up at seven-thirty again as Daylight Saving Time takes effect.  But the sunrise itself will still be at the same time, even though the clock says it’s an hour different.  And then the sunrise will creep backward again to six-thirty… six… five-thirty… And from June 11 to June 22, the calculated time of the sunrise doesn’t change.

Like a pendulum at the limit of its swing, moving slower and slower until… it… pauses… and then starts to swing back, moving faster and faster until it hits the center again.

Lovely foggy haze this morning.  Don’t you just adore fog?  Should have set the tripod up on the top of the ridge and captured some of the fairy city that Red Wing becomes when there’s mist on the ground.

Wonder what the difference is, between fog and mist?

Panoramic 046

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