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366 Sunrises on Barn Bluff – Finding a voice

It’s been almost a year, and every time a decent starting point comes up – summer solstice, first of November, winter solstice – I find a way to put it off again.  Generally because there’s a point where I’m going to be out of town and miss one or several sunrises.  And the point is not to just get 366 sunrises in a year, but 366 sunrises from the same spot.  That’s the only way to truly see the movement of the sun across the horizon.  Plus, it’s going to be so ultra-cool once all the photos are put into one of those time-lapse thingys.

Well, it’s now just about the first of the year.  So it’s also a good time to get this photo project done.  And with the distinct possibility that we will move to South Dakota next year, this Leap Year might also be the last change I have to complete it.  So, time to start and stick with it (although, it’s only fair to mention that I am planning to be in Hawaii, on the island of Kauai, for a week at the end of July.  If I do ultimately decide to go, I’ll have to find a willing volunteer to man the camera for me on those days).

But here’s the thing.  It’s a .86-mile walk to the eastern overlook of Barn Bluff.  I’m usually alone.  I am not a morning person, I’m just pretending to be for the duration of this project.  After I’m done, I plan on talking lots and lots of photographs of the stars, meteors, and the northern lights.  At the same time, I want those 366 sunrises.  And they need to be from the same location, otherwise the differences in each morning don’t matter a hill of beans.  Thing is, it’s not really intended to be a journal of my thoughts and experiences – that was part of the difficulty last year in writing up each day.

So how to make it interesting for you, dear reader, and still be fun enough for me that I keep doing it?  How will I know what it is you want me to talk about?  What will best and most easily lead to a book of 366 sunrises, after the year is done?

Can there possibly be 366 photography lessons in a year – one for every day, each walk over the same ground?  And what can I talk about that will also be interesting for those readers who aren’t photographers?

Let’s find out, shall we?

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