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2015-03-06 – Don’t forget to look around…

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So after yesterday’s photographing of the moon, I’m back up here today to get rising of the sun.  Sure hope I haven’t lost any of the stamina I was starting to develop (yeah – like that would happen after just one day).  I also forgot my ice cleats, so I have to hope the trail isn’t as bad as it was two mornings ago.  So far it looks pretty promising – though I’d feel a lot more comfortable if I had my ice cleats… and my water bottle, which I also forgot.

The warmup is supposed to start today.  That’ll be nice.

I still haven’t finished the next chapter of Shadowed Flight to send into Carolyn.  I am so well and truly bored with that course and having to write to somebody else’s dictates.  It’s not like I’m getting anything useful out of it, either.  And there’s only two or so lessons left.  Still, it isn’t as if I really want to quit this close to the end, either.

So, been off the carbs for two days now.  Hasn’t shown up in anything different in my weight – not that I would really expect it to, this quickly.

Heh.  I can see my tracks with the ice cleats from two days ago.

Time check, 6:10.  My lungs are burning, my heart hurts, and I need another breather.  I’m reminded of Dory from Finding Nemo; “Just keep swimming, just keep swimming,” only in this case it’s, “Just keep walking, just keep walking, just keep walking, walking, walking…”

IMG_1359The moon is pretty this morning again.  And it’s higher, too, than it was yesterday – it changes a lot more drastically, timewise, from day to day than the sun does.  At some point I should try to incorporate moonsets along with the sunrises into my photographs from Barn Bluff.

Yay, stairs!

Okay, another breather – short one.  And then up, up, up.  Lift the feet high, so I don’t trip like I did on the first set of stairs…

If I’m going to be off carbs, I need more protein in my diet, and I need to eat something before coming out here.  I am weak and exhausted, light-headed and dizzy, and the climb isn’t even half done!

Top of the stairs, time check.  6:19.  Sunrise this morning is 6:37 by Farmer’s Almanac, and 6:40 according to the Sunrise Free app.  A bit behind schedule, aren’t I.  And let’s hope that the lack of ice cleats is not going to be telling on the steepest hill.

Wonder if they’re designed for use in mud?  That warming trend is supposed to start today, and that’s going to turn these trails into a sticky mess.

Top of the ridgeline, and the moon is still up!  Cool.  I guess I could get a moonset shot along with the sun… though not both at the same time, not from opposite ends of the bluff!

Phew.  If it does warm up and stay warm, I can maybe start divesting myself of some of this heavy stuff.  Can’t be good, to be sweating under all these layers on the trails below, and then be chilled by the breeze up top, only to start sweating again on the way back down and sit in the cold truck for half the ride home.

Ooh.  Now that’s pretty.  I should actually get the real camera out for this, but the iPhone’ll do for now.

So, what time is it…?  6:29.  Yeah, I’ve got time.  And that’s too pretty to pass up.

IMG_1361I have to remember I can’t dial up the detail too far until I get the sensor cleaned.  That usually takes a week – how’m I going to keep taking pictures of the sunrise if I send my camera away for cleaning?

Should have had it cleaned the week before I started this project…  Maybe Ivan would let me borrow one of his.  I can ask him tonight; we’re getting together for a photo shoot.  (I’m the practice model this time around.)

All right, time to get back on the trail.  I just wish I had my water…

Ooh!  Reflection of pink sky in the river!  How pretty!

These days, whenever I’m focused on (pun totally intended) a subject, into the back of my mind rings a voice from the inital camera classes at National Camera:  “…And don’t forget to turn around.  Sometimes the most dramatic light and scenes are behind you.”

You know, it’s always worth getting up early and making the climb.  Coming up here when there’s nobody around, seeing sights that kind of tickle your appreciation of nature.  I just wish I could get that feeling of satisfaction without actually going through all the work of climbing up that wretched hill!

Today is like to be a busy day.  I have writing I have to do, a call I have to make at ten.  I have to text Don to see if I should swing by his place after running up to the cities… yep, busy busy day.  Then the photo shoot with Ivan and a calling party with Don directly afterwards.

I have to do my blog post for the MKMMA today, too.  I have no idea what I’m going to write about.

All right.  And now we walk down the steep hill and hope the lack of ice cleats doesn’t cost us.  Just as well I put the camera away; I’d hate to think of dropping it on a fall down this hill.  Like my teacher at NatCam said, “Any camera works great, right up until it hits the ground.”

Wasn’t too bad, though; just a little skidding here and there on the way down.

IMG_1352So, I’ve figured out how I’m going to organize the Journey Journal page on Midwestern Wanderer; one category for reader submissions, one for my own journeys in the Midwest, and one for my journeys outside the Midwest.  Now I need to find people to interview.  And get my MKMMA blog transfered to a hosted site, and somehow link my websites to it, and vice versa.

I need to research writing web copy for Earl, too.  And call Ted to see if I can borrow his video camera, then call Earl after I talk to Ted so I can set up a time with him to get that video done, since if we want to use the snow we’ll have to get it done right smart quick.

And I have to finish getting the family Christmas photo ready for printing on cards for Mom.

So the rest of the walk I’ve just been kind of daydreaming about walking the stage at an RTE.  Lots of work to be done before I’m eligible for that, but it’s fun to dream and plan what I’m going to say… you know, assuming I decide to walk the stage at all.  If I succeed in gaining rank, it will be more to my team’s credit than my own, really.

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