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2015-03-05 – Ooo, pretty mooooon…



Got up this morning and it was coooooold.  Even colder than yesterday.  I mean, that’s not a great big deal because I always dress for it, but still… I don’t like the cold.  I don’t like being cold.  And I was tired.  And sore.  And I was giving some major thought to just rolling over and staying in bed…

Anyway.  I saw the moon out the front bay window and it was such a perfect clear moment that I just had to take pictures of the setting moon instead of the rising sun.  And given the timing I couldn’t do both (sunrise being at 6:39 AM and moonset being 6:27).   Equally unfortunate, if I’d tried to make the western face of Barn Bluff in order to maintain the overall theme I proably would have missed the moonset entirely.  So I took the photos on our backcountry gravel road – and they didn’t turn out half bad!  I particularly liked this one:IMG_1309

The moon ended up looking like a minature sun, and the snow reflected it so prettily!

I could really get into night photography.  I remember last October when I was out taking pictures of the total eclipse – missed the tail end, since the moon had set before the earth had completely cleared past the moon, but it was fantastic.  I wrote about it in my MKMMA blog – funny to think how long ago that was!

I just need to learn how to get sharp-focused pictures with my bitty 8-mp camera once the moon goes red; I wasn’t able to figure it out last October.

Probably what I need to do is turn the ISO up so that I can retain the faster shutter speed but still have everything show up.  I’ve read quite a bit since the eclipse, and that seems to be what most photographers agree on.  (One of my favorite sites is Digital After Dark blog by Kevin Adams on www.kadamsphoto.com.)  I’m just not so practiced in digital photography yet that I think if that alternative immediately.

So goodnight, moon and good morning, sun; time for me to be getting back inside before I become a popsicle!

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