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2015-03-01 – Am I sure?

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Talk about uncertainty!  About this project, about my life, about my future – financial, professional, spiritual.  This morning was one of those mornings where I was reminded of that movie “Meet the Robinsons” – you know, every scene where various folks asked the Bowler Hat Guy, “Are you sure you’ve thought this through properly?”  I set my alarm last night – I really did – but I didn’t realize that it wasn’t triggered for Sundays.  When I woke up, the clock read 5:23, and of course I have to leave the house at 5:30 in order to get up on top of the bluff on time!

I quick threw on yesterday’s clothes and headed out, thinking the entire time I was going to be late.

I turned out to be ten minutes early.  So I got the camera set up and set my phone alarm for the exact minute of sunrise (6:46 AM, according to the Farmer’s Almanac) and got a couple of nice shots, even though it was dreadful cloudy.

As I was approaching my spot, I kept feeling droplets on my face and I was thinking, oh, no, not freezing rain!  I can drive in snow, I can drive in rain, even with the truck I’m perfectly confident in slush… but wet ice raining down from above and coating road, windshield, and wipers will never be my favorite sort of weather to combat.

So on the way back, I was thinking about worthiness and the Hawaii trip we’re taking at the end of April and thinking I should really have my recorder running the whole time so I could capture my random thoughts in the moment instead of trying to remember everything I was thinking on the way up and down, after the fact.

Heading back home now, I’m thinking about a shower, because I need a shower – boy, do I need a shower! – and probably work on the pictures form the ice caves from yesterday, get them posted to Facebook.  I need to write the article and get that posted to the Midwestern Wanderer.

Thinking about finances, too.  The deal Jerry and I made was that I could work from home without worrying too much about bringing money in so long as the royalties we get every month stayed above a certain amount; if they dropped below that amount, I would go back to work unitl they came back up again.

I don’t want to reenter the regular job force, I really don’t.  But that was the deal that we made.  I just don’t know if that would be the best use of my time.  I think my time would be better spent recruiting visitors to my website, selling my photographs, something that would earn me more than, say, ten to twelve dollars an hour for thirty days.  I’m worth more than what the job market would pay me.

Something to think about.

Tired, tired, tired.  Achy and tired.  Yesterday was a very active day, and my right knee was hurting something fierce by the time Ted and I got to the end of the first set of caves.

Left in such a hurry this morning, had to run back for the tripod.  Had to run back again for the flashlight.  And as I was heading down the road, I realized I wasn’t wearing my glasses!  (It’s not legal for me to drive without my glasses.)  But I didn’t have the time to head back to the house yet again.  So have to drive careful and hope I don’t get stopped.

Or rather, I drive careful and focus on the fact that I am getting there and back without mishap, to put the thought in its properly-framed form.

I was completely overdressed again, with the blaze jacket and the Carhartts, because of course by the time I’d walked up the second stairway I was sweating.  Got up to the point where I was exposed to the wind which was coming from roughly the southwest corner – I could feel the breeze on part of my face and it brought a tear to the one eye – I figured by the time I was walking back it was going to be fully on my face and I wouldn’t be overdressed, but waiting ten minutes for the actual minute of dawn I started to get really chilled.  Walking back, I warmed up some again, but I was still shivering a bit… and intensely grateful my feet, at least, weren’t cold.

On the agenda for the rest of the day?  Laundry, clean the kitchen, do the dishes from two days ago, MKMMA stuff…

Wonder if we should possibly just cash in Jerry’s IRA?  We’d get penalized for it and get taxed on it, but it would also tide us over until the royalty checks start getting big again, ’cause they will.

This year I’m so totally being more firm.  Last year I let Jerry handle the royalties the way he wanted, and I kept telling him we needed to set amounts aside for lean times as well as taxes or contributions to our IRAs and we didn’t.  Anything extra he put toward the medical bills, the mortgage and the personal loan – which is great, but even that isn’t the right way to become debt-free.  The fastest way is to designate payoff amounts plus a specific percentage, then concentrate on one until it’s paid off; then put that amount you were already spending each month toward the second bill, plus the designated amount, and once that bill’s paid off put that full amount toward the next, and so on.  Concentrated effort of money you weren’t counting on in order to live anyway will get a person debt-free fast, usually in seven to ten years.

Gotta love Dave Ramsey.

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